We help purpose-driven companies build a steady and sustainable flow of business with customers they love to serve.

Kathy Vaské - Vaské Marketing Group

Kathy Vaské, Digital Marketing Architect

You don’t often hear talk about marketing making a difference in people’s lives. And yet, that’s precisely what we're all about. 

My group and I work with owners of small to mid-sized businesses to streamline and simplify their marketing, positively impacting their revenue - and their lives. 

I am the founder of Vaské Marketing Group, and for over twenty years I’ve had the honor to be an instrumental force in the growth of businesses in the sectors of technology, training and education, executive coaching, personal coaching and more. 

The business owners we work with are faced with time constraints and capacity challenges making it impossible for them to focus on their business. 

Our extensive experience in digital marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing and particularly in building streamlined overall marketing and sales systems has helped business owners increase their revenue and positively impact growth.

How We Do It


Step 1: We Align Your Messaging

When you confuse, you lose. That's why it is so important to be clear about what you deliver, to whom, why it matters to you and to them. Your messaging is aligned with your company vision, mission and why you are in business as well as with your ideal customer's needs and desires.


Step 2: We Align Your Systems

Getting your marketing automation and lead generation systems operating smoothly is only half of the equation. We work with your team to ensure that where automation hands off a lead, a human team player is ready to pick it up and knows just what to do to move it forward or place it back into the nurture sequence. From first touch to building customer advocacy, every step in your system, workflows, routines is reviewed and streamlined for peak performance. 


Step 3: We Align Team Productivity for Mindful Marketing

We believe you are only as innovative and creative as your team. And your team is made up of individuals who may or may not know how to 'be creative' when needed. We work with team players and create processes and routines they can tweak and make their own to release tension and increase fun, creative energy, and collaborative performance.