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The goal of B2B marketing is to build trusted relationships that generate sales conversations so that your sellers spend more time talking with interested buyers - and winning opportunities.

We help you build the process that will lead you to consistently win your goals.

Why Building Relationships Online Is Key To B2B Success


The percentage of time B2B buyers spent with sellers

Gartner's 2019 B2B Buyer Behavior Research reveals that a pitiful 6% of the buyer's time is spent with a seller.

This means 94% of the buyer's research and "comparison shopping" is done remotely or digitally.


The percentage of the B2B buyer's journey that's completed online before engaging with a seller.

Buyers avoid sales conversations, preferring to find answers to their buying questions on their own. 70% of the buyer's journey is completed before seller engagement. Source: Spiceworks.


Average close rate for B2B Technology and Services

The IT & Services Industry has a 21% average close rate according to research by HubSpot. (pre-covid). This means 79% of opportunities in the pipeline are lost. 

Go from overwhelm to confidence in demand generation.

You have plenty of problems to overcome when running a business and marketing shouldn't be on the problem side of your list. In fact, you should feel as confident in your marketing efforts as you are when you slide behind the steering wheel of your vehicle. But sadly, that's not the case for most businesses because there are too many tools and channels to keep track of not to mention the constant evolution of buyers' online behavior. It can quickly become overwhelming.

  • Do you find yourself wondering how your marketing is performing?
  • Are you unsure what's working from what's not?
  • Do you collect and analyze data that identifies where your prospects and customers engage with you on their buyer and customer journey?
  • If you had to choose one growth lever to invest in, are you confident that your marketing assessment framework and process would identify the one that would yield the greatest return?

If you are hampered by any of the above issues then you don't have a process or framework to assess, test, tweak and measure your marketing and sales performance in a way that connects your efforts with what matters to the buyer along their decision-making journey.

about ME

I use my experience to create yours

Kathy Vaske - Vaske Marketing Group

My mission is to radically up-level your confidence in your, (and your team's) ability to predictably and profitably grow your business no matter what comes at you. 

This mission is a direct response to my 20+ years of experience in hitting and missing marketing and sales goals within enterprise, mid-market, and small businesses.

You see, I want to shorten the learning curve for you by helping you build a process that consistently builds relationships that generate sales. 

My experience has shown that there are three common threads that either sew up success, or unravel it.

They are: Clarity, Collaboration, and Consistency.

When the team holds a shared clarity of who is served, why that buyer wants and needs your service, why you serve (your purpose), why and how your service uniquely transforms your customer, where your prospects are in their buying journey, who supports them in each stage of that journey (marketing, sales, customer service...) how your serving customers is bigger than the money transaction, and so on; when you share clarity on these - team collaboration, inspiration, innovation and creativity become natural. When you add in a consistent way, a common framework and language for all teams to strategize, plan, document and evaluate execution and goal performance - that's when you know, what's working, what's not, and you have a clear process to determine where to prioritize efforts. That's confidence. Rather than have some consultant execute for you - I help you develop the GPS to navigate to greater growth predictably and profitably. 


Discover why and how we help you transform your company growth

I coach and consult as together we clean up ineffective processes, replacing them with systems, strategies, habits and routines that will build and sustain your business growth. I provide you with the framework and technology agnostic tools, techniques, and processes to execute and measure performance. This work is done purposely in a technology-agnostic way to begin with, in order to bring teams together who use different systems. Once there is an established understanding and growing collaboration, these tools, can be incorporated into your technology choice which should be one that is shared and used daily by all teams. 

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.